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Understanding Sufism: Contextualising the Content

The following is the abstract for my PhD thesis. The full thesis can be downloaded from the University of Tasmania Open Access Repository. This thesis addresses the problem of how to interpret Islamic writers without imposing generic frameworks of later and partly Western derivation. It questions the overuse of the category “Sufism” which has sometimes … Continue reading Understanding Sufism: Contextualising the Content

The Book of Wisdoms

This was written upon the request of White Thread Press for the recent publication of The Book of Wisdoms. The Book of Wisdoms is a gathering point for a multifaceted approach to the Kitab al-Hikam, a traditional and much loved Sufi text. It draws together, in English, Ibn ‘Ata’ Allah’s Kitab al-Hikam, in al-Muttaqi arrangement, with Gangohi’s … Continue reading The Book of Wisdoms